About Us

Tyler Urgent Care functions like a minor emergency department. We cater to walk-in patients with problems of minor to moderate severity. Complex or life threatening conditions are referred to a local hospital. We have a broad range of capabilities, such as labs, x-ray, and IV fluid therapy. The clinic is well suited for occupational medicine needs, as well as school or sports physicals.

Tyler Urgent Care was conceived based on many factors. Like many service industries, medicine has become more consumer oriented. In response to demand for convenient and reliable immediate health care, the number of urgent care clinics has grown significantly in the last decade. With higher deductibles and co-pays in addition to many people who are self-insured, patients will continue to watch costs more closely. Urgent care clinics are able to control costs through efficiencies and are able to pass those savings on to consumers.

Drs. Robertson and Wallace feel that their knowledge, skills, and personalities fit well with the concept of an urgent care clinic. These factors are epitomized in their mission statement: Tyler Urgent Care is dedicated to provide excellent quality health care in a timely, efficient, and cost-effective manner.